End Of The Line For Red Lion Hotel Sign - The Columbian in Pomona-California

Published May 14, 22
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End Of The Line For Red Lion Hotel Sign - The Columbian in Concord-California

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The 40 contractors on this year’s list, which span from coast to coast, generated a combined total of more than $2. 5 billion in 2019. And while COVID-19 realities may have dampened some opportunities in 2020, we’re hopeful there is a light at the end of the tunnel that can spark renewed opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

We know you’re busy, so returning our calls, responding to our emails and filling out our online form has not gone unnoticed. Your responses help ensure the accuracy of our research. Without your cooperation, we would not be able to publish articles like this. While we’re pleased to have received such a good response, it is likely that several companies that belong on this list do not appear—either because they have declined to participate or they have experienced enough growth in the last two years that we were unaware they earned a spot.

Former Jagielly Club Building Collapses - New Castle News in Downey-California

Editor Adam Redling can be contacted via email at or can be reached by phone at (216)393-0278. Each time we compile and present this list, we hope demolition companies will take pride in the hard work performed by their employees and will want to claim their rightful place on a list created to honor the most successful people in the field.

G.A.I.A. Sp, A and Iren Ambiente Sp, A, which owns 45 percent of G.A.I.A. and provides environmental services to more than 3 million people, selected Altshausen, Germany-based Stadler to design and build new recycling plants in Asti and Parma, Italy. Inaugurated last October, the Asti plant plays an important role in waste management in northern Italy, Stadler says in a news release about the installations.

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Flaviano Fracaro, CEO of G.A.I.A. and technical manager of Iren Ambiente, says, "The sorting plant is like an open-air mine, but instead of extracting raw materials from the planet, it recovers them, avoiding the dispersion of plastics in the environment or the saturation of landfills that no longer need to receive recoverable materials."The G.A.I.A.

Once processed and cleaned, the materials are delivered to the National Consortia for the recovery of packaging, which will transform them into secondary raw materials and reintroduce them into the production cycles."We chose Stadler after an extensive technical and economical evaluation process," Fracaro says. "Stadler was able to design plants capable of treating different types of materials with great efficiency, and in terms of the support we received, their engineers and technicians were at our side in every phase of the project."The plant consists of a feeding and presorting section, a mechanical and optical sorting line, a sorting cabin for manual selection of the bulky products and a storage and baling line.

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The main material stream, with sizes ranging from roughly 2 inches to roughly 14 inches (50 to 350 millimeters), is sent to the main sorting line, which is comprised of 10 optical separators to sort out plastic products; one wind shifter system to improve the 3D and 2D separation; two magnetic separators to remove ferrous metals; one eddy current separator to remove nonferrous metals; one fine screen to sift fine residue; one STT5000 ballistic separator and 1 STT2000 ballistic separator to increase the quality of plastic recirculation inside the plant; andone bottle piercer to recover bottles even if they are filled with liquids.

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This material then feeds two independent baling lines with balers designed for plastics. At the end of the process, the output materials are clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET), colored PET, light blue PET, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), mixed PE and PP, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and PP film, bulky plastics (four different products), residue, fine residue, nonferrous metals and ferrous metals.

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Pietro Navarotto, director of Stadler Italy, explains, " In Asti we had to design a plant with many machines and conveyors in a small existing building, taking into account also the space for maintenance. We also considered the possibility of extending the line in the future. Also, since the plant sorts multiple types of materials, we had to perform many tests to check the purity of the recycled material and the recovery rates.”The Parma plant, soon to be completed and inaugurated, is designed to treat two different streams of material from the separate collection of paper and plastic.

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