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Hemp and marijuana are terms that get thrown around a lot — often incorrectly. People inside and out of the cannabis industry use these terms interchangeably to mean one singular type of cannabis. This is wildly inaccurate. You see, they’re both varieties of cannabis but with very different legal statuses, uses, and benefits.

So, in order to clear up the confusion, we’ve compiled a simple yet rigorous guide to hemp and marijuana. Hemp vs. Marijuana The difference between Hemp and Marijuana explained. 0. 012–0. 018% CBD10–20% CBD0. 5%–20%+ CBDAlmost no THC

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3% THC as per federal guidelines. If it carries more than 0. 3% THC, it’s classified as marijuana, which is federally illegal (but legal in most states). Historically, industrial hemp and its fibers have been used for clothes, rope, shoes, carpets, and paper. Specially grown high-CBD, low-THC hemp varieties are more commonly used to create CBD oil, CBD capsules, and CBD topicals for health and wellness.

It carries large quantities of THC, the compound known to cause a “high” or feeling of euphoria. Many medical cannabis users consume high-THC marijuana for pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, appetite stimulation, and glaucoma. Recreational users enjoy the feeling of THC in social settings. Marijuana plants tend to be short, dense, and bushy with broad leaves situated all along the plant’s stalk.

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Indicas are short and unlikely to grow any taller than 6 ft, while Sativas can grow up to 20 ft. Hybrids can either be short or tall depending whether they’re Indica or Sativa-dominant. Hemp plants are slim and very tall, reaching a height of 18. 22 ft. Hemp leaves are also very skinny and are commonly found nearer the top of the stalk alongside the trichome-rich buds.

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Some are a lighter green, while others have a greyish hue. Yes. You can smoke hemp flowers (buds) and leaves, provided they’re cured and dried beforehand. Smoking hemp bud is a very popular choice among users wanting an instant hit of cannabidiol (CBD) and other valuable hemp plant compounds. Yes.

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They appear in bunches or clusters nearer the top of the stalk and are covered in fine, crystal-like growths called trichomes. These bunches or clusters are also known as colas. Yes. Hemp seeds can carry THC but in very small, almost negligible, amounts. Consuming the seeds of hemp will not cause a high nor will it produce any euphoria.

Yes. Hemp does contain CBD. The quantity of CBD found in hemp depends entirely on the strain. Regular industrial hemp carries up to 4-6% CBD, while specially grown varieties of hemp can have up to 20-25% CBD. The specially grown varieties of hemp are commonly used for CBD oils. There’s no difference between CBD found in hemp and CBD found in cannabis.

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The effects and benefits within your body are the same. Before diving deeper into hemp and marijuana, let’s introduce the Cannabis family Before we even begin with hemp and marijuana, it’s worth exploring the cannabis family. Every variety of cannabis belongs to a small family of flowering plants known as Cannabacae, which includes approximately 170 species across 11 individual genus types (a taxonomic rank sitting between family and species).

There are in the cannabis genus, two of which you’ve probably heard of before: The three main species in the cannabis genus include cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis sativa (we’ll simply refer to it as “Sativa”) is most likely one of two subspecies you recognize most. Originated in central and eastern Asia, specifically the Mongolian and southern Siberian regions, but was later introduced to many parts of Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

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Hemp, a Sativa variety, carries low amounts of THC but high percentages of CBD. Marijuana varieties are the opposite, carrying more THC than CBD. Cannabis indica (we’ll call it “Indica”) is the other subspecies you probably recognize already. First discovered and used widely across the Asian subcontinent, as well as in some parts of central Asia (Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan).

An estimated 500+ are Indica varieties, none of which are hemp, only marijuana with high percentages of THC. Cannabis ruderalis (“Ruderalis”) is the lesser-known cannabis subspecies, which sucks because it’s actually quite impressive. Originally discovered in the southern Siberian region. Adapted to very harsh climates, able to “auto-flower” without day-night cycles, and grows insanely quickly, making it very useful to cannabis breeders.

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